What We Do


7Continents Consulting Inc. (7CC) is an agricultural and educational advisory services consulting firm based in Saskatchewan, Canada. Our goal is to promote food security and nutrition through the provision of agribusiness services to entrepreneurs, agribusiness enterprises and other agricultural institutions to enhance productivity and increase profitability. Our agribusiness services include organizational and management support, marketing strategies, partnerships and business re-engineering to help our clients gain a competitive edge in the agricultural industry. We also provide consulting services to entrepreneurs to start their own agritech firms through partnerships with potential investors and agribusiness incubator networks worldwide. We work with agribusinesses to help find solutions to their problems being production, financing, management, partnerships, marketing and/or human resources.

In nurturing young people’s careers in agriculture, we assist those with impressive entrepreneurial mindset to set up their own agribusiness firms, so they become part of an effective, efficient and sustainable food production system. 7CC assists investors globally to explore opportunities that exist in their own or other countries and provides the necessary skills, linkages and partnerships that are needed for the investors to explore the opportunities in the agricultural industry and make the right decisions. We work hard to ensure that your investment yields the best possible returns. We are here to assist and very open to start a conversation with you on how we may help you achieve your goals. You will be assisted by several experts in our team.

Our Vision

Vision – the premiere and foremost global partner and clearing house for superior agribusiness services and programs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist our clientele to maximize the opportunities in the agribusiness sector by leveraging the state-of-art services and programs available, doing so with dedication and integrity. 



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