7Continents Consulting Inc. (7CC) is an advisory services consulting firm based in Saskatchewan, Canada. Our agricultural advisory and project management services are geared toward agribusiness enterprises, agricultural institutions and individuals involved in entrepreneurial agriculture with a focus on building a sustainable business from agriculture. Our agribusiness services include organizational and management support, marketing strategies, partnerships and business re-engineering to help clients gain a competitive edge in the agribusiness sector. We also provide consulting services to entrepreneurs to enable them start their own agritech/agribusiness firms through partnerships with potential investors and global agribusiness incubator networks.

7CC works with agribusiness firms to find top-notch solutions to problems that span from production, post-production, financing, management, partnerships, marketing to human resources. We assist our clients to better manage their value chains to bring valuable products or services to the market. In nurturing young people’s careers in agriculture, we help those with impressive entrepreneurial mindset to set up their own agribusiness firms so they become profitable outfit in a sustainable food production system.

7CC also assists agricultural investors globally to explore opportunities that exist in their own or other countries, and provides the required information, linkages and partnerships that are needed to enable them to make the right decision on where, what and how to invest. For this service, all-inclusive tailor-made consulting packages are available to potential investors in agriculture. We work hard to ensure that your investment yields the best possible return.

Our educational support services are aimed at assisting agribusinesses to find the right capacity building program for their employees. Capacity development programs provide employees with the competencies needed to manage the entire value chains of their firms. Under this service, agribusinesses also get support with their human resources requirement through our short-term placement programs. The short-term placement programs enable graduates and professionals in the agricultural sector to work with agribusinesses and other related businesses around world.

Agricultural Support and Project Management Services

  • Provide a complete advisory service to agribusinesses to increase production efficiency through value chain management
  • Conduct performance evaluation encompassing the entire value chain of new and existing product(s) to develop new marketing strategies
  • Assist agribusinesses worldwide import agricultural inputs and other products from Canada needed to enable improved management of value chains
  • Facilitate access to the pertinent human resource needs of agribusinesses worldwide
  • Develop cost of production guides and other interactive farm business worksheets to act as a starting point for business budget
  • Provide technical consulting services in business re-engineering processes through our partnership with agri-technology companies
  • Assist agribusinesses and agricultural institutions to develop quarterly progress reports, financial narratives and annual reports
  • Assist companies involved in seed development for technology transfer and commercialization
  • Build and maintain websites for agribusinesses and agricultural institutions
  • Process improvements for agriculture research organizations, including how to increase collaborations, partnerships, intellectual property protection and technology transfer


Educational Support Services

  • Assist students to secure admission at a university abroad, obtain the necessary travel permit, and prepare to travel
  • Develop short-term capacity building and enhancement programs for management and employees of agribusinesses
  • Practical training programs for young entrepreneurs from Africa and Asia
  • Capacity training programs for government employees from Africa (short-term practicum only)
  • Provide work and placement programs in the agricultural sector 
  • Partner with Canadian institutions to provide short-term tailor-made study programs for young entrepreneurs around the world



  • Partnered with Voazok Tours to offer agritourism in Ghana
  • Develop ag study tours for groups or individuals
  • Organize yearly agribusiness conference for entrepreneurs to network with investors
  • Develop tailored itinerary for individuals to engage in agritourism in Ghana


Investment Support Services

  • Assist agribusinesses with decisions on new investments, partnerships, and innovations
  • Assist businesses with new acquisitions and raising capital
  • Provide general investment consulting services to potential agricultural investors in Canada and Africa
  • Assist investors familiarize with the business practices, culture and network with appropriate institutions of their target location
  • Develop business plans for investors and institutions 
  • Provide tailor-made all-inclusive packages to agricultural investors in Canada and abroad



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