Who we are and why we do what we do

Our Approach

Agribusiness/Agritech/Agricultural Institutions 

Our experts work one-on-one with you to analyze your entire value chain process and identify your agribusiness challenges. Depending on your agribusiness problem, we develop a comprehensive report on how our experts and partners will work with you to address the challenges.

Our experts and partners then team up to provide top-notch solutions to your agribusiness challenges. Our aim is not only to address your agribusiness challenges, but also to ensure that you are part of the platform where the players in the agricultural industry meet to discuss issues affecting the industry. 

Investors in Agriculture

Our experts develop all-inclusive consulting package to suit your needs and what you aim to achieve. This starts with consultations to determine your investment goals and risk level. A full package is designed for you to enable you visit the location where you plan to invest, network with the appropriate institutions and familiarize with the culture. Once you decide to move forward, we then work with you to develop a business plan, assist with implementation and work with you to ensure that your investment goals are achieved.

Recent Graduates & Professionals in Agriculture

We work with our partners to develop work & placement programs for graduates and professionals with the knowledge to contribute to addressing the issue of global food insecurity. We offer both paid and unpaid placement programs in developing countries. Our experts work with you to determine what work placement type will help build your professional career. We provide counselling for you throughout the entire process till you complete your placement program.

Capacity Development Programs for Employees

Our experts work with you to determine the right capacity development program for your employees. We then work with our partners to develop the capacity building program. This program could either take place at where you are located or at the location of the instructors depending on the type of capacity building program.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Students

7CC offers four consulting packages to aspiring entrepreneurs and students. Under the basic package, our experts provide services such as assessment of applicant's eligibility for the chosen program, counselling on the chosen college/university, admission guidance, interviews preparation, visa application filling procedure and pre-departure briefing. For silver package, our experts provides all the services under the basic package plus business plan development and monitoring. Aspiring entrepreneurs could also work with our experts for their business plan implementation.