Thank you for your interest in career with our company. As a new consulting firm in Canada, 7Continents Consulting Inc. is currently looking for Canadian and international consultants. Together, we will strive to ensure that our clients’ goals are achieved. In this way, they can contribute to ensuring global food security and nutrition. 7CC offers you excellent opportunity to build and excel in your career with us, and be part of our big family.

We strongly believe in each consultant’s contribution to the team and care for their personal satisfaction. Our work is flexible and most of our consultants work from home, giving you the opportunity to be your own boss. We have opportunities for consultants with a professional training and designation in agriculture and investment.

7CC currently is looking for farm business consultants, international marketing analyst, agribusiness specialists, value chain analysts, research analyst, agricultural engineer, research agronomist, market development executive, taxation consultants, investment consultants, program managers and partnership officer. We also recruit administrative and information technology professionals as required. 

Whether you are seeking to become a part-time consulting team member, or to contribute on a project-by-project basis as an expert in your field, please call us or submit your resume through email to: info@7continentsconsulting.com.

Current Positions