Tailor-Made Consulting Packages for Investors

This program is for you if you are planning to start your own agribusiness firm, invest in other agribusinesses or support other farm businesses or young entrepreneurs in agriculture. Our consulting packages are designed to expose investors to the opportunities that exist in a different environment. If you plan to invest in the agritech businesses or set up agribusiness firm or whatever you have in mind, we can design a consultancy package tailored to your needs to help you decide. These packages are currently available for Canada, Asia and Africa. Below are some of the packages that we offer:


Our business consulting package will help you connect with the agricultural sector to learn more about new technologies, agribusinesses and Western Canada’s investment needs while at the same time you network with some of the institutions that support agricultural investment in Canada. You will also be connected with institutions that provide services to help new investors in the agricultural sector and learn more about the regulations on investment by non-Canadian residents. This package is for individual investors or companies planning to learn more about investment opportunities in the agricultural sector in Western Canada. This is an all-inclusive consulting package. The aim is to expose potential investors to the investment opportunities in the agricultural sector, connect with young entrepreneurs requiring support to start up and familiarize with local regulations and the benefits of investing in the sector. This program is designed for non-residents of Canada.

Do not be caged to your current location. Our consulting package will enable you make the right decision and reap the highest returns on your investment in Canada.

Other Countries in Asia andAfrica

Thinking of investing in Asia or Africa? Our business consulting package is designed to expose potential investors to these countries to explore the opportunities available in the agricultural sector. The consulting package is currently available to all investors to explore countries in Asia or Africa to help make investment decisions. The package includes meeting with institutions charged with helping new investors in agritech/agribusiness to learn more about the regulations and other support services. This is an all-inclusive consulting package which includes a comprehensive research on economically viable business, network with local institutions, development of business plan and its implementation.


We are here to help you invest your resources at a location where you are guaranteed the highest returns. Contact us now to discuss the options available.