Educational Support Services


Study Abroad and Capacity Building Programs

We provide assistance to students to find and pursue study abroad opportunities through one-on-one counseling, university application and admissions guidance, visa application preparation and processing, as well as pre-departure orientation

We understand that sometimes businesses need short-term experts to help reorganize, reengineer or simply assist with the implementation of new technology or train staff to use new technology. Our consulting firm will help you find the required expert or company to assist in the process. Let us do the work for you.


Short Term Training Programs for Agribusiness Personnel

7CC assists with organizing a field trip training program for agribusiness farm managers from developing countries. This program offers the opportunity to learn more about new technologies and innovations in the agricultural sector in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India and South Africa.


Youth Agricultural Internships

Work and Placement Programs for Graduates and Professionals in Agriculture: We offer a complete package covering pre-departure consultation, placement, visa applications advice and assistance during the duration of the placement. For more information about the current opportunities, please visit the link below.


Training Programs at Canadian and Other Institutions

Our consulting firm assists aspiring entrepreneurs and students to pursue programs that will equip them with the entrepreneurial skills needed to start their own agribusiness or agritech ventures in Canada and abroad. This program is available to applicants worldwide. We currently provide basic to all-inclusive consulting packages to all applicants to train in Canada and abroad.