7Continents Consulting Inc. (7CC) provides consulting services to agricultural institutions, agribusiness companies, and individuals interested in entrepreneurial agriculture in Canada and worldwide. Services provided by 7CC include business support, general and administrative management, project management, educational support, marketing research and public opinion polling, and business process reengineering to improve efficiency and reduce operational costs. Our company partners with experts globally to offer all-inclusive agribusiness support services aim at assisting companies better manage their value chains. Our educational support services include designing short-term capacity development programs for employees of agribusinesses and agricultural institutions, and extensive training and internship programs for young people worldwide interested in agriculture. We also work together with our partners familiar with the business practices of the target country to provide consulting services for agricultural investors worldwide.

We designed the business, management and marketing support services to help companies manage their value chains and invest in agriculture as well as finding state-of-the-art and top-notch solutions to their agribusiness challenges. 7CC offers services aimed at helping agribusinesses in Canada and other countries through research into economically viable agribusiness opportunities. We partner with Canadian and international business consulting firms and agritech companies to ensure that 7CC offers you comprehensive and across-the-board services that address all your agribusiness challenges irrespective of your business size or location.

Agricultural Support Services:

  • Provide a complete advisory service to agribusinesses to increase production efficiency through value chain management;
  • Conduct performance evaluation encompassing the entire value chain of new and existing product(s) to develop new marketing strategies;
  • Assist agribusinesses worldwide import agricultural inputs and other products from Canada needed to enable improved management of value chains;
  • Facilitate access to the pertinent human resource needs of agribusinesses worldwide;
  • Develop cost of production guides and other interactive farm business worksheets to act as a starting point for farm business budget;
  • Organize investment fora for agricultural investors to discuss current issues affecting the industry and to meet with agribusinesses needing investment;
  • Provide general investment consulting services to potential agricultural investors in Canada and Africa (expansion to Asia is currently underway);
  • Partner with other global consulting firms to assist agricultural investors familiarize with the business practices, culture and network with appropriate institutions of their target location;
  • Develop business plans for investors and institutions in agriculture;
  • Provide technical consulting services in business re-engineering processes through our partnership with agri-technology companies;
  • Assist agribusinesses and agricultural institutions to develop quarterly progress reports, financial narratives and annual reports ;
  • Build and maintain websites for agribusinesses and agricultural institutions. 

7CC educational support services are designed to help agribusinesses with the training required to increase the productivity of their staff. Also, young people interested in agriculture are offered internships, training programs, other work and placement programs to help build their careers in agriculture.

Educational Support Services:

  • Develop short-term capacity building and enhancement programs for agribusiness employees;
  • Comprehensive, tailor-made all-inclusive packages to agricultural investors in Canada and some countries in Africa (expansion to Asia is currently underway);
  • Assist young people to find agricultural internships and/or take training programs to equip them with the skills needed to start their own agribusiness ventures;
  • Organize forums to help young entrepreneurs in agriculture network with potential investors and other agribusiness firms;
  • Provide work and placement programs for Canadian residents in the agricultural sector in Africa;
  • Partner with Canadian institutions to provide short-term tailor-made study programs for young entrepreneurs in agriculture around the world.



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