Kofi Britwum, Ph.D.

Chief Business Development and Market Research Officer

Email: kbritwum@7continentsconsulting.com

Dr. Britwum is an Assistant Professor at Upper Iowa University in the United States, where he serves as the lead faculty in Economics, Agricultural Economics, and Agribusiness. He teaches courses in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and Agribusiness-related classes. Before joining Upper Iowa University, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Maine in Orono, United States.

As a researcher, Dr. Britwum’s interests spans areas such as Food marketing, Food safety, and Consumer behavior, and weaves important connections between these areas with food policy. His research considers issues related to consumer perceptions, willingness to pay for novel foods/food attributes, and the persuasive influence of information framing on consumer behavior. He employs non-market valuation techniques in survey designs and economic experiments to determine consumer attitudes towards, and welfare measures for new food technologies. He utilizes the growing significance of behavioral economics in his work by incorporating behavioral constructs towards understanding incentives that drive consumer decisions.

He has published his work in high ranking peer-reviewed journals such as Food Policy, Agricultural and Food Economics, and Behavioral and Experimental Economics. He has also presented variously at several academic conferences including annual meetings of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, the Northeastern Agricultural Economics Association, and the Western Agricultural Economics Association.

Dr. Britwum will be leading the Business Development and Market Research portfolios at 7 Continents Consulting, given his prior work in consumer behavior and Agribusiness centered research. He will also be coordinating training programs with the Consultancy, as he comes with vast teaching experiences in higher education.

A native of Ghana, Dr. Britwum is passionate about leveraging his experiences in Food Marketing and Agribusiness to conduct cutting edge research projects for Agricultural companies who seek to invest and establish a presence in developing countries.

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