Business Support Services

  • Agribusiness and General Management Support

7Continents Consulting (7CC) links agritech companies with farm business managers around the globe. Our consulting company aims to assist commercial and small-scale agribusinesses access new technologies in the agricultural sector to improve their farm productivity. We research and analyze the entire value chain of your product(s), and offer solutions to improve productivity and profit margins. Our experts work with you to develop cost of production guides and other interactive farm business worksheets to act as a starting point for farm business budget. 7CC has deep interest in your business growth and success, and we will do more than our best to provide you with top-notch solutions to your business needs.

7CC also provides business support services to agritech companies to set up outlets in countries where their products are most needed. Our experts will conduct a comprehensive research tailored to your product(s) and recommend where you can market your product(s) and/or start up a new agritech business. We guide you through the entire process of introducing your product(s) to your new clients in a new environment or setting up a new business in a new location. For us, the sky is your starting point.

We understand that sometimes businesses need short-term experts to help reorganize, reengineer or simply assist with the implementation of new technology or train staff to use new technology. Our consulting firm will help you find the required expert or company to assist in the process. Let us do the work for you.

  • Marketing Research and Public Opinion Polling

We offer this service to agribusiness companies looking to introduce their products at a new location or just want to increase sales at their current location. Our consultancy team have a varied background and vast experience in agribusiness. We are here to assist you grow your business. Your success is our mission.

  • Business Process Re-engineering Facilitation

Are you a farm business manager or a commercial agribusiness firm looking to improve efficiency and reduce administrative costs? We facilitate partnership and cooperation with agribusinesses and agritech companies worldwide. This ranges from acquisition of agricultural inputs to learning more about business process engineering from other consulting firms specializing in this field. Also, check our human resource service: we help to find short-term experts to assist in your business process reengineering.



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